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    ,lu&def;rSm ypfcscHvdkuf&wJh rav;tJhvdkif;u MH17 eJY ywfowfjyD; pmoifcef;xJ uav;awGeJY ajymxm;wmav;yg .. jrefrmjynfu uav;awGvnf; tJhvdk oifay;cH&&if aumif;r,f ..


    Something really special and touching happened during the primary 3 class that I taught today.. it happened as we talked about MH17.

    So on the bus to school this morning, I overheard the conversation between two Poly students talking about MH17.. only, they didn't really know the facts nor saw the gravity and seriousness of this tragedy. They seemed more interested making jokes about how 'MAS confirm habis' or 'Malaysia tak boleh la sial'..

    Which got me thinking..

    As I walked into class today, I told my students not to take out their textbooks just yet; that we're going to have a little chat instead..

    I then wrote "MH 17" on the board and asked the class of 40+ nine year olds if anyone knew the significance of it..

    1/3 of the class raised their hands. Half of that one third confused it with MH370 though. Only 6 or 7 knew about the latest aviation tragedy. So I shared the news of MH17 with them (not yet telling them how many died)..

    And then I asked, "how many of you care or think this news is important?". Just slightly more than half the class raised their hands.

    So I asked why or why not? Some innocently said "because it doesn't affect us" while some shared that they felt sad because "cannot go JB anymore"..

    This was where I told them MH17 wasn't simply just a machine in the air that got shot down.. close to 300 people died.

    The mood of the class started to change as the tragic loss of innocent lives started sinking in to these young ones.. I then asked if anyone wanted to share what they now think or feel about the MH17 tragedy.

    A few stood up and said they felt really sad because someone has now lost a loved one/ that it could very well have been a Singapore plane instead. Now all these things are direct quotes that came out of the mouths of nine year olds.. I merely asked them to share what they thought or felt after telling them the number of people who died.

    I then decided to push it a little further and changed MH17 to SQ17 instead and asked again how many would care about this tragic news?

    Every single person in class raised their hand.

    "Someone we know could have been on that plane.. my father.. my mother.. my cousin.." was the common understanding they started to share.

    This was when I got them to think about a scenario where one of their classmates weren't in class today because he/she was on the plane.. and the last thing the class said or did to this now missing classmate was bully/tease him or her. How would they feel now that they're never going to see this missing classmate again?

    Sad. Regret. Guilty.. they said. Some were even on the brink of tears.

    I decided to wrap it up by sharing with them how fragile and unpredictable life is.. that we should make the best of moments, cherish loved ones and not be so mean to each other because sometimes that may very well be the last thing we say to them.

    All the kids were very solemn at this point but they understood.

    "Now if you want to, I'd like you to turn to the person beside you to give them a pat on the back and tell them you cherish them". The entire class did this and broke into smiles and laughter. One kid even walked across the classroom to give her friend a hug.

    Not all lessons come from textbooks.

    Remembering MH17 and sending our love from a Primary 3 class in Singapore.

    Credit to >> FB photo
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    'DaeY 'gav; zwf&w,f .. &dk;om;wJhol wpfa,mufaMumifh tGefvdkif;ay:u jrefrmawG jrefrmuGvdkY *kPf,lcGifh&cJhw,f ..

    vlwdkif; &dk;om;us&if b,favmufaumifvdkufrvJ ..

    Jena Malone wJh .. tar&duef rif;orD; .. jrefrmjynfvmvnfw,f .. 'Dydkpfhav; olYazhbGwfzefayhrSm wifxm;w,f ..

    Comment av;awG oGm;zwfMunfhvdkY &atmif vifhyg wifay;vdkufw,f .. Facebook Link


    Meet my wild hearted guide for the day. 12 year old hustler and merchant working at the scott market in Yagon. Her father passed away last year and her mother is pregnant with child number 5. She doesn't go to school but lived as a nun ( a female monk) til she was 10. And then she started working at the market to help her mother earn a living . A good day she pulls in about 3 dollars American selling postcards and fans. Her English was better then most I've met. She learned it on the streets and from the amazing hustle she works on tourists. She was the funniest , smartest lady I met in all of Myanmar. My favorite of her saying were" it's no joke" "now tell me that again with a little bit of a smaller motor in your mouth " " I love justin Bieber but I think he is too old for me " "I don't like cops they never smile and they take all my money". We met and instantly fell for each other. We ran around the market causing trouble and trying clothes on. Without even asking she became my "guide" She showed me the best place for tea. Where to hop on a train . The place where all the dogs sleep at night. And where you can see the boys bathing in the river. I bought her noodles and soda and sweet tea even though she didn't want to take any money from me . At one point she threw her head back and laughed and said "I'm glad I met you on my slow day. It's now my fun day. And we will be friends" I held her bag of sellable goods as she wondered around taking pictures with my camera. I slipped all the money I had in it because I knew she would refuse any from me. At the end of the day she saw me off to the circle train and pulled a ring from her bag and put it in my pinkie finger. " a 500 kyat(50 cents) ring as my gift for you." And before I could hug her and tell her what this day had meant to me the train started to leave and just like that she hopped off like a pro and started skipping back to the market. Her name was Lapya won , which means full moon in Burmese.And there's no one else in the world id rather have spend my last day in Myanmar with. #loveasbigasthisgirlsheart #myhero
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    Default Ak'bmom wmvDbefwdk haygufuGJjcif;

    Ak'bmom wmvDbefawG aygufuGJxGufay:vmwJh ta&;aMumihf .. cscsfawGtaeeJU bmomaygif;pHk o[ZwjzpfapzkdY jyefp&awmhrnf[k AmwDuef owif;uGef,uf rS xkwfjyefcJhonf/

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    cscsf taeeJU Prophetic Role qdkwJh trSefw&m;twGuf bk&m;ocif&JU apwrefawGuJhodkY &yfwnfoGm;&awmhrSmjzpfw,fvkdY olYtaeeJU rvGJomra&SmifomyJ rSwfcsufay;cJhygw,f/

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    1958 ckESpfwGif vkyfMuHcJhygw,f/

    The case of the Buddhist Taliban explodes: Church re-launches the work for religious harmony udk tajccH edkifOD; bmomjyefonf/

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    Default tar&duefawGom jrefrmpdwfaygufcJhaomf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qutuz View Post
    1991 ck atmufwdkbmv (2)&ufwGif u&iftrsKd;om;vGwffajrmufa&;wyfrawmf(KNLA) rS aysmufusm;wyfzGJ hwzGJ hjrpf0uRef;ay:bdkuav;jrdK he,f&Sd
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    0ufpk&Jpcef;rStpdk;&&JwyfzGJ hu roFumol OD;tm;armiftm;oGm;a&mufzrf;qD;&mwGif OD;tm;armifxGufajy;&m aemufrSvdkufvHypfcwfaomfvnf;vGwfajrmufoGm;onf/
    a&;ol t*zdk;cspf
    We are not interested in your propaganda posts, such as press conference, filing to ICC, and this one, at this time. May be you can try it again next year.
    We all are interested only in our Country's Election, and how to support NLD to win in the Election right now. Please share here if you have any idea for the coming Election as a Myanmar national.
    raumif;rIa&Smif? aumif;rIaqmif? jzLatmifpdwfudkxm;/
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    arYwwfwmawG trSwfonmawGtajumif; ajymaewm awGUvdkY azhbkwfjuD;u zwfrdwmav; jyef&S,fvdkufOD;r,f/ uRefawmfvnf; tJ'Dvdk cece jzpfzl;w,f/ t&ifuawmh udk,fuyJ tem*wfudk judkjrifaerdovdk .. tdyfrufyJ judkjudkrufaeovdkrsdK;eJU ... wu,fom a&m*gqdk&ifawmh jqm0efjyoifhaejyD xifwmyJ ...

    edrdwfjrifjcif; ac: Deja Vu

    tdrfrSm xdkifaepOf wHcg;wpfa,mufa,muf acgufawmhr,fvdkY BudKjrifaew,f/ wu,f acgufvmw,f/ udk,hf tdrfu b,folu b,fvdk toHjyKNyD; oGm;zGihfr,fqdkwmvJ BudKMum; BudKjrif ae&w,f/ wu,fvJ 'Dvlu 'Dpum;eJY atmf[pfvdkY oGm;zGihfw,f/ wHcg;taemufrSm b,fol&SdaevJ qdkwmyg BudKodaecJhr,fqdk&if rsm;aom tm;jzihf 'gudk tdyfrufxJrSm rufrdw,fvdkY wef;odvdkufw,f/ tJovdk jzpfpOfrsdK;av; vl 90 &mcdkifeIef; avmuf MuHKawGU zl;ygvdrhfr,f/

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    Deja Vu qdkwm wu,fawmh OD;aESmuf onm rSwfom;wJh tqihf uav; uarmufur jzpfjcif; tajctae jzpfygw,f/ 'DtcsdefrSm jzpfavh&Sdwmu jrifuGif; eJY odjcif; rSm odjcif; u aemufus usefae cJhwmrsdK; jzpfygw,f/ 'Dawmh tckjrifaewJh t&m[m puefY0uf avmuf jcm;NyD;rS odvmwJh obm0yg/

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    Deja Vu eJY Euphoria eJY jzpfwJh yHkpHwl ygw,f/ 'D OD;aESmufxJrSm &SdwJh rSwfmPf odrf;qnf; wJh u@av; uarmufur jzpfoGm;csdefrSm cHpm;rIawG tm;vHk;u Euphoria eJY yHkpHwl oGm;ygw,f/

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    Oyrm - rl;,pfaq;oHk;aewkef; &J0ifzrf;cH&csdefrsdK;.. Muufaoaow,fvdkY vJ ajymwwfovdk rifoufrdw,fvdkYvJ oHk;avh&Sdygw,f/ 'g a'*smAl; &JU vuPmygyJ/

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    a'*smAl;&JUoD;oefY vuPmu todeJY owd timing vGJjcif;yJAs/ Oyrm xyfjy&&if wDAD 2 vHk;Asm ab;csif;uyfvsuf tcef; 2 ckuae zGihfaecsdef.. wpfvdkif;u apmaew,f/

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    'Dtcg teD;pyfqHk; tdyfrufqdkwmudk OD;aESmufu tjypfyHkcsvdkufwmyJ/ tdrfrufyJuGvdkY qHk;jzwfcsuf csvdkufwJh tcsdefonf OD;aESmufonm topfjyifa&;jcif; jzpfpOf jzpfvmw,f/ 'gudkusawmh Memory Reconsiliation jzpfpOfvdkY ac:w,fvdkY wpfae&mrSm zwfzl;w,f/ OD;aESmuf &JU apcdkif;csufaMumihf twdwfujzpfpOfudk twkta,mif a&;om;vdkufjcif;yJ/

    aus;Zl;wifygw,f cifAsm;/
    - rSwfpkMurf;
    We don't have to be RICH or POOR to help. We just have to be HUMAN.
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  13. toHk;0ifvSaom pmydk'ftwGuf azmfjyyg rdwfaqG 14 OD;rS aus;Zl;wif&SdMuygonf

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