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    Default Place to vist in Myanmar with Family

    Dear Friends,

    I would like to request your help for me and my family.

    I leaved from Myanmar since 16 years old and married with non-burmese and staying in Asia for about 20 years. I have 2 kids ( 6 & 4 Ys) and wife that never been to Myanmar and plan to visit this year in May or June.
    Problem is I do not know where do I bring them in Myanmar for 3 weeks stay. How long should I stay in 1 place??? I do not know how to decide. Coz No beach & No Kyeik Htee Yoee as it is raining season...

    Could you please tell me where should we visit and how long should I stay in those places. As well as the place to visit in each town means the place that should not miss..

    Thanks ahead and Best Reagrds,
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