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    Thanks very much bro .
    Sorry for my late reply.
    I'm now back to Myanmar.
    Busan trip was great.
    we stayed in Busan for nearly 3 weeks , visited most places.
    We also went to Seoul and stayed there for a couple of days.
    Seoul was much colder compared to Busan.
    Unfortunately, we didn't see the snow.
    People in Seoul can speak English more than people in Busan.
    But, Busan was very beautiful and Igidae was the most memorable one for me.
    We walk for 4 to 5 hours everyday. That's why I was able to lose my weight.
    we also did hiking and saw the entire busan city and it was like a million dollar view for me.
    I heard that Busan is the second capital city in Korea. Seoul was very crowded.
    Seoul people seem more educated and Busan people seem simpler and more sincere in a way.
    We did volunteering and met with local people.
    We exchanged our cultures and traditions and learned a lot about korea.
    Korea is the first overseas trip for us and we both enjoyed it so much.
    There are so many things I would like to share about Busan and Korean culture from my point of view.

    - Busan people are usually friendly.
    - They have very high impression about foreigners.

    - Busan subway is very good . Trains are on time. There is always instrumental music playing before arrival of the train which is amazing.
    - There are special seats for elderly people on the train.
    - travel time between each station is about 2mins or so.
    - On the train, they announce in 4 languages for each stop ( korean, japanese, chinese and english ).
    it is very convenient for foreigners who can't speak or understand korean.
    - There are also buses running every places but most of words are written in Korean.

    - Free Wi-Fi access is available in most areas including public areas . I didn't buy any sim card. As wifi is available most of the time, it wasn't necessary for short-term stay traveler.
    - Internet Connection is so fast. I can download 1gb file size within 3mins. it was awesome and I loved it.

    Fashion & makeup
    - I heard that 80-90% of korean people had plastic surgery. some of the girls may not have money, but they borrow money from the bank and do the plastic surgery.
    Korean people concentrate so much on their looks and appearance. 80% girls wear make up and bright lipstick.
    - Even middle age school kids wear makeup and lipstick which I think is not necessary and should not encourage in this kind of activity.
    - Korean people including old people (such as A-ju-ma and grandma ) dress very smart when they go out.
    - some korean males shave their eyebrows and some of them even wear light makeup .
    - many people wear face masks which I thought to protect from getting a cold. But, someone told me it's not only the reason.
    they had done plastic surgery. That's why, they don't want other people to see it.

    Lifestyle & health
    - during day time, streets are like ghost town. When we went out around 12pm,1pm, we didn't see many people around and some shops are still closed.
    - Starting from 3pm onwards, there will be many people on the street and they seem to enjoy nightlife a lot.
    - People still eat dinner outside at midnight which is 12 o'clock or 1am.
    - I find it quite safe walking alone till late night.
    - There are so many outdoor gyms and government provides many gym equipments for free to everyone in the parks and public areas.
    - Usually, old people do a lot of exercises compared to young people.

    Food, shopping and price

    - there are too many street food stalls , fish cake with the stick is probably korean culture food and there are no seats. People just stand there and eat. I love all the street food.
    There are also many night markets and the one near jagalchi market is most popular and biggest one.
    - korea is very rich in seafood. I saw different kinds of fish .
    - people eat raw seafood and they are very enormous size . When they live octopus and chop off alive , legs are still moving . Its a bit eerie for me but they love it.
    - even some kind of raw fish which is already sliced are still moving.
    - kimchi is very fresh and mouth breath smells like garlic and stays there .
    - bibibab is great , plenty of vegetables and so good for vegetarian .
    - there are too many restaurants and bars opening and they are always full of people .

    - in terms of shopping , clothes are quite cheap , korean cosmetics are cheap compared to australia .
    - styles are much better and cuter .
    - gangnam underground shopping center in Seoul is the best one to shop around . The rest of the places are pretty expensive.
    - Lotte departments are good , some are pricy . But for foreigners , its tax free . You can claim back when you leave korea .

    - i find that vegetables are quite expensive .

    - sewage smell is very bad.
    - there is no toilet paper in public toilet (in some areas). It's good idea for you to keep tissue paper with you in your bag.
    - I noticed that most old people (like grandma and grandpa age) do very basic physical work (such as carrying paper cardboard and picking plastic bottles for recycling).
    - At least one staff at the metro station ( called Humetro ) can speak English and staffs are quite friendly and helpful.
    - I see couples everywhere. it does seem like it's the city of love. aha ! =)
    - Korean people like to promote their language, Probably ? (because everything is in korean language)
    their maps, phone settings, sms, dictionary, home appliances (such as washing machine ) , etc......
    I feel that Myanmar people can speak English more than Korean people.
    - There are so many beaches and the water at the beach or in the sea is very clean, aqua color and I love it.
    - generally, policemen are quite young. In my opinion, they are probably around the age of 21-24.

    - I didn't see police woman at all. Maybe there is no woman in police department.
    - I know that korean males are forced to go into army and stay there for 18months (if i remember correctly).
    - I really love street foods. I tried a lot of them and it was so yum.
    - I noticed that guys are more helpful. When we got lost with where we were going,
    we asked both girls and boys. Usually, guys helped us a lot more than girls.
    - Oh ! I almost forgot !!! A-ju-mas are quite rough and scary. lol
    they push me away while walking.
    - A-da-shi (uncles) smell like kimchi and soju. especially when we took train in the evening, that's the only smell we got. =(
    - Korean traditional dress (hanbok ) is very pretty. I tried it on and i loved it.
    - there are many public toilets everywhere and easily accessible and it's free of charge everywhere.
    Some of them even have music on when you stay inside the toilet.
    it's such a brilliant idea. it's with sensor. so, music will only turn on itself when someone goes into toilet.
    - streets are quite small . People who ride bikes are very careless so as some car drivers. You have to avoid them if you want to live / survive . They are so fast.
    - i like traffic lights . when it turns green , it gives enough time for people to cross the other side.
    - for zebra crossing, many drivers dont give away to people who are walking .
    They just drive fast, so you have to be alert at all times. Only few drivers wait for people to cross.

    Overall , Busan trip was great. Generally, Korean people are quite polite and they respect to people who are older . They bow a lot. We learned a lot about korean cultures , traditions and way of thinking. Hanbok ( korean traditional dress ) is very pretty .
    Korea is not all about what we see in the movies or tv series. I would say it's totally different.
    it was such a great experience. I wanted to share some photos in here. but connection sucks. so I will upload it later on just to share some of the things which I haven't seen before.
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