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Thread: [mm]tD&efa&G;aumufyGJaemufqufwGJESifh aqG;aEG;csufrsm;[/mm]

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    Default tD&efa&G;aumufyGJaemufqufwGJESifh aqG;aEG;csufrsm;

    tD&eforw a&G;aumufyGJ tBudwfte,f ,SOfNydKif
    12 June 2009

    tD&efjynfol tajrmuftrsm; [m aomMumaeY u orw a&G;aumufyGJ rSm rJoGm;xnhfcJhMuygw,f/ or&dk;us orm; vuf&Sdorw rmrGwf trm'DeD*suf (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) eJY jyKjyifajymif;vJa&; orm; ,cif 0efMuD;csKyf rm; [lpdef rlqmAD (Mir Hossein Mousavi) wdkY tMudwfte,f ,SOfNydKifaeMuygw,f/

    vlawG rJvmxnhfcJhMuwm u t&if uxuf rMuHKbl;avmufatmif rsm;ygw,fvdkY a&G;aumufyGJ aumfr&Sif OuX urf&ef; 'geufpf*sdK (Kamran Daneshjou) u ajymygw,f/ rJ&HkawG udk tD&ef pHawmfcsdef n 8 em&Dtxd qufzGifhxm;rSmyg vdkY ol u qdkygw,f/ rJay;EdkifcGifh&Sdol 46 oef; teuf rJvmay;Muol pHcsdefwifvdrfhr,fvdkY MudKwif cefYrSef;xm;cJhMuygw,f/

    tD&ef xdyfwef; acgif;aqmifMuD; t,mwdkvm tvD cgareD vnf; aomMumaeY apmapmydkif; u rJvmxnfhygw,f/ olvdkyJ rJxnfhMuzdkY ol u vlxk udk wkdufwGef;vdkufygw,f/ tD&ef vlxk udk NidrfNidrfoufouf &SdMuzdkY ol u ajymvdkufNyD;? rJ&Hk rSm wif;rmrI jzpfyGm;atmif BudK;pm;orSs udk zsufypfMuzdkY ol u awmif;qdkvdkufygw,f/

    orw trm'DeD*suf vnf; aomMumaeY u rJxnhfygw,f/ tD&ef EkdifiH twGuf awmufajymif? wdk;wufr,fh tem*wf jzpfzdkY ol u uwday;xm;ygw,f/

    jyKjyifajymif;vJa&; vdkvm;wJh bkef;awmfBuD;? r,f'D um&lbD (Mehdi Karroubi) eJY ,cif awmfvSefa&; tapmifhwyf rdk&Sef; &DaZtD (Mohsen Rezaei) wdkYvnf; a&G;aumufyGJ rSm 0ifNydKifMuygw,f/ tD&ef &JU pD;yGm;a&;? Nuclear tpDtpOf eJY EkdifiHjcm; qufqHa&; pwJh jyemawG [m rJay;yGJ rSm t"du tcef;u@ u yg0ifMuygw,f/

    VOA rS ul;,laz:jyygonf/
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    Default tD&efa&G;aumufyGJaemufqufwGJESifh aqG;aEG;csufrsm;

    tD&efa&G;aumufyGJ vuf&Sd orwtEdkif&

    13 June 2009

    tD&efEdkifiHu orwa&G;aumufyGJrSm vuf&Sdorw rmrGwf trm'DeD*syf uyJ tEdkif&oGm;w,fvdkY tpkd;&ydkif owif; Xmeu ajymygw,f/ 'gayr,fh olY&J Y NydKifbufjzpfwJh jyKjyif ajymif;vJa&;orm;uvnf; olEdkifw,fvdkY qdkaeygw,f/

    a&G;aumufyGJ xdyfwef; t&m&SdcsKyf ajymwmuawmh aomMumaeYu usif;ycJhwJh a&G;aumufyGJrSm xnfhcJhMuwJh rJawG&J Y 19 % udk a&wGufMunfhwJhtcgrSm 69 % u orw rmrGwftrm'DeD*suf tEdkif&cJhw,fvdkY qdkygw,f/ a&G;aumufyGJ tBudK &v'fawGudk 'DuaeY paeaeYrSm od&r,fvdkY t&ifu arSsmfvifhxm;Muwmyg/ orw trm'DeD*suf eJY NydKifbuf jzpfwJh t&if 0efBuD;csKyfa[mif; rD&m [lpdef rlqmADuvnf; a&G;aumufyGJrSm tEdkif&wmu olyJvdkY raeYu nydkif; wD[D&efNrdKUawmfrSm usif;ywJh owif;pm&Sif;vif;yGJwckrSm ajymqdkcJhygw,f/

    wcsdK Ya'oawGrSm rJ&HkawG enf;yg;vdkY rJay;rIawGrSm jyemawG &Sdaew,fvdkYvnf; olu ajymygao;w,f/ raeYu usif;ycJhwJh tD&eforw a&G;aumufyGJrSm rJay;MuolawGvnf; tBuD;tus,f rsm;MuNyD; n 10 em&D txd rJxnfhcsdef wdk;ay;cJh&ygw,f/

    VOA rSul;,lygonf/


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    Default tD&efa&G;aumufyGJ qEjyrIrsm;

    tD&ef&JU NyD;pD;oGm;wJh a&G;aumufyGJrSm rormrIrsm;&Sdw,fqdkwJh pGyfpGJcsufrsm;xGufay:vmNyD; qEjyrIrsm;jzpfay:cJhw,fvkdUqkdygw,f/ tD&efu oli,fcsif;wpfOD;qDu Mum;vkduf&wmuawmh avmavmq,f qEjyyGJrsm;rSm vl3OD;aoqHk;cJhNyD;jzpfw,fvkdUod vkduf&ygw,f/

    twkduftcH 0efBuD;csKyfa[mif; rlqmAD&JU a[majymyGJudk tpkd;&u zsufodrf;vkdufNyD; olUukd aetdrftus,fcsKyfcsKyfxm;vkdufw,fvkdU qkdygw,f/

    twnfrjyKEkdifwJhowif;rsm;t& tD&efbmoma&;acgif;aqmifBuD; *&ef; t,mwkdvm tvD cgareDu a&G;aumufyGJtopfjyefusif;yr,f[k ajymaMumif;Mum;od&ygonf/

    avmavmq,frSm wD[D&efESifh wpfur
    mvHk;tMum; qufoG,frItm;vHk;zsufawmufvkdufNyDvkdU ajymygw,f/

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    jy&mrSm yg0ifcJhwJh twkduftcHrsm;udk zrf;qD;rIrsm; pwifjyKvkyfaeNyD; *&ef; t,mwkdvm tvD cgareD&JUom; jzpfol Mojtaba Khamenei u t"du&kPf;ESdrfeif;a&;rsm; OD;aqmifaew,fvkdU ajymaeMuygonf/

    oHo,jzpfzG,fa&G;aumufyGJrSm vuf&Sdorw tmruf'DeD*suftEkdif&H&SdaMumif; tD&efbmoma&;acgif;aqmif *&ef; t,mwkdvm tvD cgareDu aMunmcJhonfukd rauseyfaomaMumifh tD&eforwa[mif; &yfzfqef*smeDu olUvuf&Sd &mxl;wm0efrsm; tm;vHk;rS EIwfxGufoGm;NyDjzpfygonf/ orwa[mif;onf vuf&Sd a&G;aumufyGJESifhywfoufNyD; bmoma&;acgif;aqmif *&ef; t,mwkdvm tvD cgareDxHokdU tdwfzGifhay;pm ay;ykdUcJhonf[kvnf; Mum;ygonf/ tqkdyg tdwfzGifhay;pmaMumifhvnf; qE

    tqkdyg EIwfxGufrIonf tD&efacgif;aqmifrsm;tMum; pdwf0rf;uGJrIrsm; jzpfay:aeonfrSm aocsmaMumif; vlxkudk tckdiftrm jyovkdufovkdjzpfaomaMumifh t"du&kPf;rsm;us,fjyefUvmygonf/

    avmavmq,fawmh wD[D&efajrmufykdif;wGif ppftkyfcsKyfa&;trdefUukd qefUusifNyD; vli,fausmif;om;xkrsm; pk&Hk;aeonf[kvnf; Mum;ygonf/


    TEHRAN, Iran – Anti-riot police guarded the offices overseeing Iran's disputed elections Saturday with the count pointing to a landslide victory by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while his opponent denounced the results as "treason" and threatened a challenge.

    The standoff left Tehran in tense anticipation. Many people opened shops and carried out errands, but the backdrop was far from normal: black-clad police gathering around key government buildings and mobile phone text messaging blocked in an apparent attempt to stifle one of the main communication tools of the pro-reform movement of Mir Hossein Mousavi.

    A statement from Mousavi posted on his Web site urged his supporters to resist a "governance of lie and dictatorship."

    Outside the Interior Ministry, which directed Friday's voting, security forces set up a cordon. The results had flowed quickly after polls closed showing the hard-line president with a comfortable lead — defying expectations of a nail-biter showdown following a month of fierce campaigning and bringing immediate charges of vote rigging by Mousavi.

    But an expected announcement on the full outcome was temporarily put on hold. A reason for the delay was not made public, but it suggested intervention by Iran's Islamic authorities seeking to put the brakes on a potentially volatile showdown.

    Ahmadinejad had the apparent backing of the ruling theocracy, which holds near-total power and would have the ability to put the election results into a temporary limbo.

    There were no immediate reports of serious clashes or mass protests, and the next step by Mousavi's backers were unclear. Mousavi, who became the hero of a powerful youth-driven movement, had not made a public address or issued messages since declaring himself the true victor moments after polls closed and accusing authorities of "manipulating" the vote.

    "I'm warning that I won't surrender to this manipulation," said the Mousavi statement on the Web on Saturday. "The outcome of what we've seen from the performance of officials ... is nothing but shaking the pillars of the Islamic Republic of Iran sacred system and governance of lie and dictatorship."

    He warned "people won't respect those who take power through fraud" and called the decision to announce Ahmadinejad winner of the elction was a "treason to the votes of the people."

    The headline on one of Mousavi's Web sites: "I wont give in to this dangerous manipulation." Mousavi and key aides could not be reached by phone.

    It was even unclear how many Iranians were even aware of Mousavi's claims of fraud. Communications disruptions began in the later hours of voting Friday — suggesting an information clampdown. State television and radio only broadcast the Interior Ministry's vote count and not Mousavi's midnight press conference.

    Nationwide, the text messaging system remained down Saturday and several pro-Mousavi Web sites were blocked or difficult to access. Text messaging is frequently used by many Iranians — especially young Mousavi supporters — to spread election news.

    At Tehran University — the site of the last major anti-regime unrest in Tehran in 1999 — the academic year was winding down and there was no sign of pro-Mousavi crowds. But university exams, scheduled to begin Saturday, were postponed until next month around the country.

    By Saturday afternoon, Iran's Interior Ministry said Ahmadinejad had about 63 percent of the vote and Mousavi had just under 35 percent with about 91 percent of all votes counted. The ministry also updated its voter turnout figures. Minister Sadeq Mahsouli said 85 percent of Iran's 46.2 million eligible voters went to the polls — setting a new record. On Friday, many polling stations were jammed packed with people waiting several hours to cast their ballots.

    At a press conference, Mousavi declared himself "definitely the winner" based on "all indications from all over Iran." He accused the government of "manipulating the people's vote" to keep Ahmadinejad in power and suggested the reformist camp would stand up to challenge the results.

    "It is our duty to defend people's votes. There is no turning back," Mousavi said, alleging widespread irregularities.

    Mousavi's backers were stunned at Interior Ministry's results after widespread predictions of a close race — or even a slight edge to Mousavi.

    "Many Iranians went to the people because they wanted to bring change. Almost everybody I know voted for Mousavi but Ahmadinejad is being declared the winner. The government announcement is nothing but widespread fraud. It is very, very disappointing. I'll never ever again vote in Iran," said Mousavi supporter Nasser Amiri, a hospital clerk in Tehran.

    Bringing any showdown into the streets would certainly face a swift backlash from security forces. The political chief of the powerful Revolutionary Guard cautioned Wednesday it would crush any "revolution" against the Islamic regime by Mousavi's "green movement" — the signature color of his campaign and the new banner for reformists seeking wider liberties at home and a gentler face for Iran abroad.

    The Revolutionary Guard is the military wing directly under control of the ruling clerics and has vast influence in every corner of the country through a network of volunteer militias.

    In Tehran, several Ahmadinejad supporters cruised the streets waving Iranian flags out of their car windows and shouting "Mousavi is dead!"

    Mousavi appealed directly to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to intervene and stop what he said were violations of the law. Khamenei holds ultimate political authority in Iran. "I hope the leader's foresight will bring this to a good end," Mousavi said.

    Mousavi said some polling stations were closed early with people still waiting to vote, that voters were prevented from casting ballots and that his observers were expelled from some counting sites.

    Iran does not allow international election monitors. During the 2005 election, when Ahmadinejad won the presidency, there were some allegations of vote rigging from losers, but the claims were never investigated.

    The outcome will not sharply alter Iran's main policies or sway major decisions, such as possible talks with Washington or nuclear policies. Those crucial issues rest with the ruling clerics headed by the unelected Khamenei.

    But the election focused on what the office can influence: boosting Iran's sinking economy, pressing for greater media and political freedoms, and being Iran's main envoy to the world.

    Before the vote count, President Barack Obama said the "robust debate" during the campaign suggests a possibility of change in Iran, which is under intense international pressure over its nuclear program. There has been no comment from Washington since the results indicated re-election for Ahmadinejad.

    The race will go to a runoff on June 19 if no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote. Two other candidates — conservative former Revolutionary Guard commander Mohsen Rezaei and moderate former parliament speaker Mahdi Karroubi — only got small fractions of the votes.



    tckaemufqHk;odvkduf&wmuawmh tifwmeufqufoG,frIrsm; jzwfawmufvkdufNyDjzpfaomaMumifh aemufxyf wD[D&efowif;rsm; Mum;odEkdifzkdU rvG,faMumif;-/

    Credit to Original Uploader
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    Default tD&efa&G;aumufyGJ qEjyrIrsm;Updated

    'D AD'D,dkuvpfxJrSm aoewfoHawG Mum;Ekdifygw,f/

    More Video of Iran


    Thousands of angry protesters have clashed with police after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner of Iran's presidential poll.
    Secret police have been attacked, while riot police used batons and tear gas against backers of Mir Hossein Mousavi, who called the results a "charade".
    Correspondents say the violence is the worst seen in Tehran in a decade.
    In a televised address to the nation, Mr Ahmadinejad thanked voters for giving him a "great victory".
    He said the election had been "completely free".
    Meanwhile, Mr Mousavi urged his supporters to avoid violence, reports the AFP news agency.
    "The violations in the election are very serious and you are right to be deeply hurt," he said in a statement on his website.
    "But I firmly call on you not to subject any individual or groups to hurt."
    The official results gave Mr Ahmadinejad 63% of the vote against 34% for Mr Mousavi.
    Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised the high turnout of 85%, described the count as a "real celebration" and called for calm.
    "Enemies may want to spoil the sweetness of this event... with some kind of ill-intentioned provocations," the ayatollah said.
    Mr Mousavi's supporters said the election had been stolen and vowed to seek a re-run.
    But observers say this will have little chance of success.
    Some of the protesters in Tehran wore Mr Mousavi's campaign colour of green and chanted "Down with the dictator", news agencies report.
    Four police motorbikes were set on fire near the interior ministry, where votes had been counted, the BBC's John Simpson in Tehran says.
    Interior Minister Sadeq Mahsouli warned that any demonstrations needed official permission, and none had been given.
    One opposition newspaper has been closed down and BBC websites also appear to have been blocked by the Iranian authorities. The AP news agency reports that mobile phone services have been blocked in Tehran.
    Mr Mousavi was hoping to prevent Mr Ahmadinejad winning more than 50% of the vote, in order to force a run-off election.
    Danger of 'tyranny'
    Mr Ahmadinejad said the world, especially the Western media, had waged a campaign of "psychological warfare" against the people of Iran during the election.
    "It was clear what the majority of people wanted," he said.
    He said the people of Iran wanted justice, development, an end to corruption and for their country's name to be respected.
    But Mr Mousavi, a former prime minister, said: "I personally strongly protest the many obvious violations and I'm warning I will not surrender to this dangerous charade.
    "The result of such performance by some officials will jeopardise the pillars of the Islamic Republic and will establish tyranny."
    Mr Mousavi had said there was a shortage of ballot papers and alleged that millions of people had been denied the right to vote.
    His election monitors were not allowed enough access to polling stations, he added.
    The BBC's Jon Leyne in Tehran says the result has been greeted with surprise and with deep scepticism by many Iranians.
    The figures, if they are to be believed, show Mr Ahmadinejad winning strongly even in the heartland of Mr Mousavi.
    The scale of Mr Ahmadinejad's win means that many people who voted for a reformist candidate in the previous presidential election four years ago have apparently switched their votes to Mr Ahmadinejad, he adds.
    However, the president does enjoy the support of many of the urban poor and rural dwellers.
    "I am happy that my candidate has won - he helps the poor and he catches the thieves," sandwich seller Kamra Mohammadi, 22, told AFP.
    Mr Mousavi gains much of his support from the middle classes and the educated urban population.
    Surge of interest
    BBC Iranian affairs analyst Sadeq Saba says the result means that hope for peaceful reform in Iran may die for a long time.
    There had been a surge of interest in Iran's presidential election, with unprecedented live television debates between the candidates and rallies attended by thousands.
    There were long queues at polling stations on Friday, with turnout reaching 85%.
    Four candidates contested the election, with Mohsen Razai and Mehdi Karroubi only registering about 1% of the vote each.
    Iran is ruled under a system known as Velayat-e Faqih, or "Rule by the Supreme Jurist", who is currently Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
    It was adopted by an overwhelming majority in 1979 following the Islamic revolution which overthrew the autocratic Western-backed Shah.
    But the constitution also stipulates that the people are the source of power and the country holds phased presidential and parliamentary elections every four years.
    All candidates are vetted by the powerful conservative-controlled Guardian Council, which also has the power to veto legislation it deems inconsistent with revolutionary principles.




    tD&efa'o pHawmfcsdef eHeuf 4em&DwGif tD&ef&Sd nDjzpfolrS tukdjzpfoltm; N*dK[fwkzkef;jzifh zkef;ac:cJhonf/

    ]]wpfnvHk; tdrfacgifrkd;rsm;ay:wGif qE
    jyolrsm;jzihf jynfhESufaeNyD; wnDwnf; 'Allah O Akbar' [k tpkd;& a&G;aumufyGJ&v'f aMunmcsuftm; wpfnvHk; [pfatmfqEjyaeMuaMumif;? tckvkd qEjyyGJrsm;onf 1979 tD&efawmfvSefa&; qEjyyGJrsm;udk yif trSwf&apaMumif;? vlaomif;aygif;rsm;pGm\ wpfnDwnf; a~uG;aMumfqEjyaom oHNydKif[pfatmfoHrSm tvGefus,favmifpGm jrnf[nf;aeaMumif;? tck eHeuf 4em&Dawmifxkd;NyD/ }} [kajymoGm;ygonf/

    zkef;rsm;rjzwfawmufrD ajymMum;csuft& tD&efawmfvSefa&;qE
    jyyGJrsm;uJhokdUyif vlxk yg0ifrI odyfrsm;jym;NyD; jcm;em;csufrSm 'Death to Government' , 'Death to Tyrant' [k a~uG;aMumfMujcif;jzpfygonf/ (tD&efawmfvSefa&;wkef;uawmh 'Death to America' [k a~uG;aMumfcJhMuygonf/) ]]'gavmufyJ uGmwmjzpfygvdrfhr,f/ &uftenf;i,ftwGif; e*dktwkdif;jzpfoGm;rSmyg/}} oluqufajymygonf/


    Credit to Original Uploader
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    qEjyyGJrsm; pwifvmpOf

    More Video


    tJ'D AD'D,kduvpfukdMunfhMunfhyg/ 1;25 ae&mem;rSm &JawGu vlwpfa,mufudk &kdufaeMuNyD; ab;u vltkyfBuD;u &JawGukd vltkyfeJU zdvkdufNyD; t&dkufcH&oludk u,fxkwfvkdufwmawGUygvdrfhr,f/

    More Video & Photos

    Credit to Original Uploader
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    tD&ef&JU EkdifiHa&;? ppfa&;? tkyfcsKyfa&;zGJUpnf;yHkudk em;vnfvG,fatmif &Sif;jyxm;ygw,f/

    tD&efa&G;aumufyGJ qE

    Credit to Original Uploader
    Top Pieces of Evidence that the Iranian Presidential Election Was Stolen

    1. It is claimed that Ahmadinejad won the city of Tabriz with 57%. His main opponent, Mir Hossein Mousavi, is an Azeri from Azerbaijan province, of which Tabriz is the capital. Mousavi, according to such polls as exist in Iran and widespread anecdotal evidence, did better in cities and is popular in Azerbaijan. Certainly, his rallies there were very well attended. So for an Azeri urban center to go so heavily for Ahmadinejad just makes no sense. In past elections, Azeris voted disproportionately for even minor presidential candidates who hailed from that province.

    2. Ahmadinejad is claimed to have taken Tehran by over 50%. Again, he is not popular in the cities, even, as he claims, in the poor neighborhoods, in part because his policies have produced high inflation and high unemployment. That he should have won Tehran is so unlikely as to raise real questions about these numbers.

    3. It is claimed that cleric Mehdi Karoubi, the other reformist candidate, received 320,000 votes, and that he did poorly in Iran's western provinces, even losing in Luristan. He is a Lur and is popular in the west, including in Kurdistan. Karoubi received 17 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential elections in 2005. While it is possible that his support has substantially declined since then, it is hard to believe that he would get less than one percent of the vote. Moreover, he should have at least done well in the west, which he did not.

    4. Mohsen Rezaie, who polled very badly and seems not to have been at all popular, is alleged to have received 670,000 votes, twice as much as Karoubi.

    5. Ahmadinejad's numbers were fairly standard across Iran's provinces. In past elections there have been substantial ethnic and provincial variations.

    6. The Electoral Commission is supposed to wait three days before certifying the results of the election, at which point they are to inform Khamenei of the results, and he signs off on the process. The three-day delay is intended to allow charges of irregularities to be adjudicated. In this case, Khamenei immediately approved the alleged results.

    I am aware of the difficulties of catching history on the run. Some explanation may emerge for Ahmadinejad's upset that does not involve fraud. For instance, it is possible that he has gotten the credit for spreading around a lot of oil money in the form of favors to his constituencies, but somehow managed to escape the blame for the resultant high inflation.

    But just as a first reaction, this post-election situation looks to me like a crime scene. And here is how I would reconstruct the crime.

    As the real numbers started coming into the Interior Ministry late on Friday, it became clear that Mousavi was winning. Mousavi's spokesman abroad, filmmaker Mohsen Makhbalbaf, alleges that the ministry even contacted Mousavi's camp and said it would begin preparing the population for this victory.

    The ministry must have informed Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who has had a feud with Mousavi for over 30 years, who found this outcome unsupportable. And, apparently, he and other top leaders had been so confident of an Ahmadinejad win that they had made no contingency plans for what to do if he looked as though he would lose.

    They therefore sent blanket instructions to the Electoral Commission to falsify the vote counts.

    This clumsy cover-up then produced the incredible result of an Ahmadinejad landlside in Tabriz and Isfahan and Tehran.

    The reason for which Rezaie and Karoubi had to be assigned such implausibly low totals was to make sure Ahmadinejad got over 51% of the vote and thus avoid a run-off between him and Mousavi next Friday, which would have given the Mousavi camp a chance to attempt to rally the public and forestall further tampering with the election.

    This scenario accounts for all known anomalies and is consistent with what we know of the major players.

    More in my column, just out, in Salon.com: "Ahmadinejad reelected under cloud of fraud," where I argue that the outcome of the presidential elections does not and should not affect Obama's policies toward that country-- they are the right policies and should be followed through on regardless.

    The public demonstrations against the result don't appear to be that big. In the past decade, reformers have always backed down in Iran when challenged by hardliners, in part because no one wants to relive the horrible Great Terror of the 1980s after the revolution, when faction-fighting produced blood in the streets. Mousavi is still from that generation.

    My own guess is that you have to get a leadership born after the revolution, who does not remember it and its sanguinary aftermath, before you get people willing to push back hard against the rightwingers.

    So, there are protests against an allegedly stolen election. The Basij paramilitary thugs and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards will break some heads. Unless there has been a sea change in Iran, the theocrats may well get away with this soft coup for the moment. But the regime's legitimacy will take a critical hit, and its ultimate demise may have been hastened, over the next decade or two.

    What I've said is full of speculation and informed guesses. I'd be glad to be proved wrong on several of these points. Maybe I will be.


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    Default tD&efa&G;aumufyGJ rJvdrfNyDvm;?

    tD&efEkdifiH IRINN owif;XmerS xkwfvTifhcsufjzpfygonf/

    eHeuf 09;47 rdepf rJa&wGufrIrsm;owif;wGif orwavmif; Mr. Rezaii onf qE
    rJpkpkaygif; 633048 (2.08%) &cJhNyD;[k aMunmcsufwGifaz:jyxm;aomfvnf; aeUvnf 13;53 tcsdef aMunmcsufwGif Mr. Rezaii onf qErJpkpkaygif; 587913 rJ (1.71%)om &aeaMumif; aMunmcJh&m tD&efvlxkrS qErJa&wGuf&mwGif rormrIrsm; &SdaeNyDrSm aocsmaMumif; ajymqkda0zefrIrsm; jyKvkyfvm&mrS qEjyyGJrsm; jzpfay:vmjcif;jzpfygonf/

    tqkdyg wDAGDowif;aMunmcsufrSm Photoshop jzifh jyKjyifjcif;tvsOf;r&SdaMumif; a&G;aumufyGJowif;udk apmihfMunhfaeol tD&efEkdifiHom;rsm;tm;vHk;u tqkdygtwkdif; aMunmcJhonfrSm rSefuefaMumif; twnfjyK ajymMum;cJhygonf/

    yHkwGif orwavmif; Mr. Rezaii trnfESifh owif;xkwfjyefaMunmcsdeftm; uGif;jzifhjyxm;ygonf/

    tm&ADbmom em;vnfol usL;ypfrsm; yHkyg pmrsm;udk bmomjyefay;rnfqkdygu txl;aus;Zl;wif&Sdygw,fcifAsm;/

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    raeUujzpfpOfwpfckwGif orwavmif; rlqmADtm; bmoma&;acgif;aqmif *&ef; t,mwkdvm tvD cgareD\ tdrfawmfokdU toGm;vrf;wGif zrf;qD;vkdufaMumif;ESifh aetdrftus,fcsKyfcsKyfxm;aMumif; ajymygonf/

    *&ef; t,mwkdvm tvD cgareDrS wkdif;jynfokdU ausnmcsufwpfck xkwfjyefcJhNyD; tp
    vmrfrpf tpkd;&tm; u,fwif&eftwGufom olu tckjyoemtm; ESdrfeif;cJh&aMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf[kqkdygonf/

    vltrsm; av;pm;,HkMunfcH&aom bmoma&;acgif;aqmifrsm;aumfrwDtzGJU0if t,mwkdvm rsm;rS tck NyD;oGm;aom a&G;aumufyGJtm; jynfolrsm;\ tp
    vmrfrpfawmfvSefa&;tay:wGif ,HkMunfrIjyefvnf&&Sdap&ef zsufodrf;yg[k wkdufwGef;vkdufaMumif;Mum;&ygonf/ olwkdUu ]]jynfolrsm; NidrfoufpGm usihfMuHyg? tpkd;& t&mxrf;trIxrf;rsm;tm; aESmifh,Sufjcif;rjyKygESihf}} [kvnf; awmif;yefpm xkwfjyefcJhMuygao;onf/

    Video LINKs



    'Dvifhrsm;rSm AD'D,dkrsm; rsm;pGm Munfh&IEkdifygonf/ tcsdefESifhwajy;nD owif;ay;ykdUcsufrsm;vnf; zwf&IEkdifygonf/


    CUT off from the world, each other and their hopes for democracy, liberal Iranians have been swept into the country's worst violence for a decade.
    Article from: The Australian
    John Lyons, Tehran | June 15, 2009

    Violence between protesters and Revolutionary Guard troops continued in Tehran yesterday after the leading opposition candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi, claimed Friday's election was "a dangerous charade".
    No one could have imagined that such rigging would occur by a government with "a commitment to sharia-based justice", the 67-year-old former prime minister said, pointing to an exact two-one margin for President Mamhoud Ahmadinejad in almost every region.
    Violence escalated as Mousavi backers ran into supporters of Mr Ahmadinejad, declared the winner on Saturday with 63 per cent of the vote after polls had tipped a close election.
    As the demonstrations entered the second day, with protesters setting fires and smashing store windows in Tehran, Mr Mousavi last night requested the Guardians Council -- the body supervising elections -- to cancel
    the result of the presidential poll.
    US Vice-President Joe Biden said last night there was "an awful lot of doubt" about the outcome of the poll, but would analyse the results before commenting further.
    Kevin Rudd said the re-election of Mr Ahmadinejad, 52, would be a challenge for the international community. The Prime Minister said Iran needed to abandon its nuclear ambitions, which were destabilising the region.
    At a mass rally last night in Tehran's Vanak Square, where many of the weekend's clashes occurred, Mr Ahmadinejad told supporters the election was not "distorted".
    "Elections in Iran are the cleanest," he said. "But some inside or outside Iran have come out and said the elections have been distorted. Where is the distortion in the election?"
    However, not a single word about the clashes appeared in state-controlled media. For a few hours yesterday the regime appeared to lose control and tried to cut all means of communication. Iran was isolated from the rest of the world.
    The government blocked text messages, the preferred method of communication for the university students leading the uprising.
    As clashes worsened, the regime blocked internet access, jammed the mobile phone system completely and tried to block all international calls into and out of Iran.
    Security forces last night arrested at least 170 people accused of orchestrating the demonstrations and vowed to deal "firmly" with protesters.
    Also arrested were at least 15 reformist leaders who backed Mr Mousavi and another defeated candidate, Mehdi Karroubi. Among them were people who served under two-time reformist president Mohammad Khatami, a key Mousavi supporter.
    Tehran was in effect under a state of martial law last night as police roadblocks were set up throughout the city to stop protesters gathering.
    A heavy police presence remained around the Interior Ministry building.
    Riot police had earlier arrived at a number of locations and immediately charged into the crowds, hitting people with batons.
    The connection between the Ahmadinejad supporters and the riot police was made obvious when a crowd of the President's backers cleared a path to allow riot police to charge at protesters, who were sitting on the ground with their backs to the approaching attackers.

    The worst violence I witnessed was near Vanak Square, where a riot policemen bashed a woman with his baton as he drove past her on a motorbike. She fell backwards into a concrete drain with nothing to break her fall.

    I saw another man, who had also been standing quietly, have his legs beaten from behind by one policeman while another bashed his legs from the front.

    A stunned man sat on the footpath holding his arm after being beaten. Later, when I saw him again, he said: "This is democracy."

    A woman cried so much she could barely speak after seeing her brother bashed by police. As she began explaining the attack, a man listening told her to stop talking to the media.

    Iranian television continued to broadcast stories saying the election had been a great success with a record 85 per cent turnout.

    It broadcast a message from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei congratulating Iranians for the "intelligence" they showed by turning out in such large numbers and called on all Iranians to support Mr Ahmadinejad.

    But Ayatollah Khamenei warned that "enemies may want to spoil the sweetness of the Iranian nation's victory" and to be vigilant against "foreign instigative methods".

    An angry Mr Mousavi said he believed there had been widespread irregularities.

    "The violations in the election are very serious and you are right to be deeply hurt. But I firmly call on you not to subject any individual or groups to hurt."


    Mousavi seeks to overturn Iran election result
    14 Jun 2009 16:45:13 GMT
    Source: Reuters
    * Biden casts doubt on outcome of vote
    * Mousavi formally appeals against election result
    * Tens of thousands join Ahmadinejad victory rally
    * Ahmadinejad calls vote "clean and healthy" (Adds further clash in Tehran, paragraph 13)

    By Parisa Hafezi and Fredrik Dahl

    TEHRAN, June 14 (Reuters) - Defeated candidate Mirhossein Mousavi demanded on Sunday that Iran's presidential election be annulled and urged more protests, while tens of thousands of people hailed the victory of the hardline Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Mousavi's supporters again took to the streets after violence on Saturday, clashing with police in protests that have underscored political rifts exposed by Friday's disputed vote.

    In a statement on his website, Mousavi said he had formally asked the Guardian Council, a legislative body, to cancel the election result. "I urge you, Iranian nation, to continue your nationwide protests in a peaceful and legal way," he added.

    The unrest that has rocked Tehran and other cities since results were declared on Saturday is the sharpest expression of discontent against the Islamic Republic's leadership for years. The election result has disconcerted Western powers trying to induce the world's fifth biggest oil exporter to curb its nuclear programme.

    U.S. President Barack Obama had urged Iran's leadership "to unclench its fist" for a new start in ties. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden cast doubt on the election result, but said Washington was reserving its position for now.

    "It sure looks like the way they're suppressing speech, the way they're suppressing crowds, the way in which people are being treated, that there's some real doubt," he told NBC's "Meet the Press" when asked if Ahmadinejad had won the vote.

    Continue Reading LINK

    Sharif University rS q&m q&mrrsm; ygarmursm; pkpkaygif; 120OD; tpkd;&a&G;aumufyGJ &v'faMunmcsufrsm;tm; uefUuGufaomtm;jzifh pkaygif;EIwfxGufoGm;NyD; wuokdvf 0if;t0wGif qEjycJhMuygonf/

    French Channel 3 rS owif;axmufrsm; AD'D,dk&kduful;aepOfwGif t&yf0wf&Jrsm;a&mufvmNyD; olwkdUtm; 0kdif;0ef;xkd;Budwfum uifr&mtm;vk,loGm;aMumif; Mum;od&ygonf/

    tDwvDowif;orm;rsm;vnf; tqkdyg yHkpHtwkdif; aESmuf,SufcH&rIrsm; &SdaeNyD; 'lbkdif;tajcpkduf owif;Xmetm; ]]rdrd&Hk;cef;twGif;om aeyg/ owif;a&;om;csufrsm; txl;owdjyKyg/}} [k tD&eftmPmydkifrsm;u owday;cJhaMumif;vnf; Mum;od&ygonf/


    More LINKs

    http://memeorandum.com/ -
    Giant overview of news

    http://iran.twazzup.com/ -
    twitter feed

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/mousavi...7619592664479/ -
    flickr album

    http://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/c...m_inside_iran/ -

    http://iranelection.posterous.com/ -
    assorted video

    http://www.liveleak.com/browse?group=middle_east&page=1 -
    There are some videos on here as well

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8098834.stm -
    The BBC has some up too

    http://www.ireport.com/ir-topic-stor...topicId=270440 -
    CNN's iReport has a small bit of footage


    All Credits go to Original Uploaders.
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    jynfy&Sd tD&efEkdifiHom;wpfOD;rS jynfwGif;&Sd rdom;pkxHokdU zkef;ac:vkdU&cJhw,fajymygw,f/

    • t"du&kPf;rsm;onf NrdKUawmf wD[D&efwGifom jzpfyGm;cJhw,f/ ( NrdKUBuD;tenf;i,frSmawmh t"du&kPfao;ao;rsm;jzpfyGm;cJhonf )
    • NyD;cJhwJh 8ESpfavmufu t"du&kPf;rsm;ESifh oabmwlonf/
    • qEjyorm;rsm;ESifh t"du&kPfESdrfeif;a&;wyfzGJU0ifrsm;tMum; jyif;xefaom wkdufckdufrIrsm; jzpfcJhonf/
    • tjyifrSm vlawGajymaeovkd tD&efaxmufcHonfh [pfbkdvm aysmufMum;rsm;tm; tD&efqEjyyGJrsm;ESdrfeif;&ef ac:,lcJhonfqkdonfrSm vHk;0rSm;,Gif;aom aumv[mvomjzpfonf/ okdU&mwGif wD[D&eftajcpkdufr[kwfaom t"du&kPf;ESdrfeif;a&;wyfrsm;ukd ac:,l toHk;jyKcJhonfrSm aocsmonf/
    • tifwmeufukd jyefvnfzGifhvkdufNyDjzpfaomfvnf; tvGefwif;usyfxm;onf/
    • qJvfzkef;rsm; qufoG,frI&NyDjzpfaomfvnf; tvGefac:qkd&cufonf/
    • qkdifrsm;tm;vHk; ydwfxm;onf/ qkdifrsm;onf NyD;cJhwJh 8ESpf t"du&kPf;rsm;aMumifh rdrdwkdU qkdifvHkNcHKa&;udk txl;pDrHxm;olrsm;csnf;jzpfaomaMumifh rSefrsm;udk cGJjcif;? qkdifudk azgufxGif;jcif;rsm;udk rormolrsm; jyKvkyfEkdifjcif;r&Sd/ txl;aumif;rGefaom tumuG,fypnf;rsm; oHk;xm;Muonf/ rSefudk uGJatmif rcGJEkdifMuacs/
    • tpkd;&&Hk;rsm;? yk*vduydkifrsm; zsufqD;cH&jcif;rsm;onf/
    • ,aeUtcsdefxd tD&efawmfvSefa&;tapmifhwyfom;rsm; ( ppfom;rsm; ) t"du&kPf;ESdrfeif;a&;rsm;wGif xGufay:vmjcif; r&Sdao;/ ppfwef;vsm;xJwGifom &Sdaeao;onf/
    • acgif;aqmifrI wdwdususjzifh qEjyjcif;rsdK; r[kwfojzifh rMumrDNyD;oGm;rnf[k arQmfvifh&/

    raeUu yHkawGyg/

    Credit to Original Uploaders

    Photos LINK

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    a&G;aumufyGJrSm tpOftvm aemufrSmaecJh&wJh trsdK;orD;wpf&yfvHk; a&SUudkxGufvmcJhw,fvkdU qkdygw,f/ txl;ojzifh orwavmif;rlqmAD&JU uGm&Sif;cGifhqkdif&m vufxufyGm;cGJa0rI tygt0if trsdK;orD;tcGifha&;rsm; umuG,fapmifha&SmufoGm;rnfqkdaom uwdu trsdK;orD;rsm;udk a&SUokdU xGufvmapcJhonf/ tck qEjyyGJrsm;rSm ausmif;olrsm; wufwufBuGBuG a&SUwef;u yg0ifqEjycJhMuwmawGUEkdifygw,f/

    More Videos & Photos

    tD&ef bavmh*grsm; pkpnf;rI bavmh*fvifhrsm;pm&if;

    raeUu nOD;ykdif;rSmawmh tD&efawmfvSefa&;tapmifhwyf (ppfwyf) onf ,ck qE
    jyyGJrsm;wGifwpfzufzufbufvkdufjcif; vHk;0 jyKvkyfrnfr[kwfbJ Mum;aernf[k aMunmcsufxkwfjyefcJhonf qkdygonf/

    LINK http://twitter.com

    ShirazrS qEjyyGJrsm;

    More Video Links on Youtube

    All Credits go to Original Uploaders.

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