Please take care of your words!

    Please take care of your words!

    When broadcasting online about the chaos in Rakhine state, many international media are carelessly using the word "Sectarian conflict" and describing them, whether deliberately or unintentionally I am not sure, as Religious conflict between majority Buddhists and minority Muslims there.

    From superficial look, since Rakhine people are Buddhists and Rohingyas are Muslims, everybody won't have any doubt on the correctness of this usage without sparing a second to ponder.

    But, for a Myanmar citizen, who knows the real cause of those conflicts, choice of that word is so wrong that some even think international media is biasing and has an intention to make worsen those conflicts at the stake of our lives.

    We know that international media have great influence over the world community. The same holds true for Myanmar.

    But using inappropriate words, now you are destroying your image by yourselves, maybe unknowingly. And it is also damaging the image of Myanmar with a certain impact on daily life of a common citizen in multicultured environments.

    Some become more hostile and even dare to use the word "Islamophobia" without any shame for his own insincerity.

    In my personal opinion, misunderstanding may be the major reason for those ill-chosen words.

    If it is so, let me explain briefly to correct your misunderstanding.

    NOT Rakhine people are attacking Rohingyas because they are Muslims.
    And similarly, NOT Rohingyas are attacking Rakhine people because they are Buddhists.
    The hatred between them can date back to 19th century and surely it is not rooted in their faiths.
    They both agree to disagree in this aspect.

    To be more crystal-clear, let me tell you one suggestion.
    Suppose Rohingyas were Buddhists. Do you think the current uprising will stop immediately?
    Do you think the Rakhine people will accept Rohingyas if they were Buddhists?

    If you think that way, no one in the world will be more sillier than you. (Excuse my language)

    I would like to assure you that the conflict between Rakhine people and Rohingyas will definitely continue unstoppingly even though they are of the same RELIGION, regardless of Buddhists or Muslims!

    Real cause of their hatred is based on race; and the opinion of insiders and outsiders.
    Actually, they don't care much about other people's religion.

    Religion is nothing to do with the current uprisings.

    Therefore, I would like to request you all to wisely use the word "Racial Riots" instead of "Sectarian Conflicts" in your articles or broadcasting in future.

    We all are in the civilized world and we don't want any riots or uprisings to continue for a long time.

    I have another deep and sincere request to International Media to join hands in hands with Myanmar in full constraint to be able to control the situations with no more undesirable turmoils.


    (Art: Words can kill us by ~traintopairs)
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